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NeaPolis Lighting utilizing its many years’ experience and expertise in the lighting field, has set up the required phototechnical studies aiming at finding the best solution for lighting up two courts in Marathon’s Tennis Sport Center. The main two design directions were:

  • the qualitative lighting upgrade in order to meet with the international requirements,
  • the best possible savings when applying new technologies with lower consumption.

Results were impressive, since illumination levels have significantly increased (around 200lx as specified by the standard), as well as luminous uniformity has been reached, notably upgrading lighting quality due to higher color rendering index. At the same time, pollutants decreased and of course great energy savings were reached equal to ≈50% (installed power before including ballasts charges: 5.640W, installed power after: 2.848W). It is also important to note that no electrical or other intervention was required, thus keeping the installation costs low. Finally, during the placement phase a detailed targeting was carried out, based on the photometry for the best possible result.

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