Light has occupied mankind more than any other natural element. It is no coincidence that the most important minds in history have dealt with it: Aristotle, Newton and Einstein are just some of those who have studied it.

It is inextricably linked to life, work and progress. And even though many questions about light have not yet been answered, we at Nea Polis are well aware of how to use some of it properties to the benefit of your business.

Lighting concept

Natural as well as artificial lighting is an integral part of every architectural design. An intangible material which interacts with and showcases materials, surfaces and textures. We design the light aiming at creating a pleasant, functional and aesthetically pleasing visual environment. We use luminaires as tools exactly as an artist uses paints and brushes to create a whole, while covering all the technical part that every lighting installation requires.

Energy Saving

Today, more than any other time, a reduction in energy consumption of each energy-intensive installation is required. Lighting, globally, is the first intervention field when reducing energy consumptions. Nowadays, technology provides important solutions in power consumption savings. But a simple lamp or luminaire replacement is a job half-done. It is not enough. Only the correct and personalized study on lighting installation and quality, as those are required, can ensure maximum energy savings and thus power tariffs reduction.


Light is an intangible material that can transform or even alter a space. A special design, a movement or a color can turn an ordinary building to a landmark. In fact, proper lighting gives the competitive advantage.
It upgrades for instance a hotel value or increases sales within a commercial store. In general, in can significantly enhance the business profile. By “playing” with colors and techniques we can emerge the style and corporate identity of a business in a unique way.


Lighting notably influences visitors’ efficiency and psychology. In a workplace, the right level of lighting means high productivity, whereas in a store it could equal to sales increase. Proper lighting can significantly affect your business’s performance in areas you can’t imagine.


In both urban lighting and every other lighting installation, security is one of the most basic factors. Global surveys prove that a well-planned lighting environment boosts up the security feeling. Carefully selected lighting sources and illumination positions designed in detail create a safe visual environment for every use. Roads, parks, outdoor areas of residencies and hotels require the best combination of illuminance intensity, energy consumption and number of luminaires to be efficient and safe.